1945 – 1950


Image with kind permission of the Richmond upon Thames Local Studies Library and Archive


The Staines Group Hospital Management Committee probably passed over responsibility to the NW Met. Board

5th July. The National Health Service (NHS) took over 480,000 hospital beds in England & Wales, an estimated 125,000 nurses and 5,000 consultants were available. Many different organisational structures to the NHS were to follow. And a major issue throughout would be the relationship between the NHS and local authorities and health and social care. The problem of maintaining a private hospital became overwhelming after the war, and a transfer to the National Health Service was successfully negotiated.


24 May

CAPITAL EXPENDITURE on developing the estate exclusive of capital expenditure on land, is as follows.

1868 -1896 (when J.L D died and the main buildings were erected) the capital expenditure was £62,420. Since then smaller additions have been made at a cap. Ex/ £2,900 This does not include the original cost of the lease of   the White House or central portion of NF which was converted to a freehold purchase in 1882. (The 3.3 acres and   house cost £7,750)

Woodcote, a second house in Broomfield Road is still leasehold, ending in 1981.