2018 Museum & Theatre Open Days

10am – 5pm on Saturdays: 2 June, 28 July, 18 August, 20 October, 3 November

Open House London 12.00 – 5pm Sunday 23 September

The Balance of Rights

The Balance of Rights explores the challenges faced by people with learning disabilities in the UK today. The issues surrounding health, housing and employment are complex but point the discussion clearly towards the social equality agenda. The Balance of Rights brings together the many voices fighting for change and sheds an unflinching light on an issue left largely in the dark for the majority of our society.

The Balance of Rights from AF Film on Vimeo.

  Positive Energies

Positive Energies follows on from the hugely successful Shifting Perspectives exhibition, which explored the photographic representation of people with Down’s syndrome, challenging attitudes and prejudices and examining alternative representations of both adults and children.

Japanese photographer Fumio Nabata joins forces with Fiona Yaron-Field and Richard Bailey to create an exhibition that asks us to question the society that we have created and how this is reflected in the narrowness of mainstream representations of those considered beautiful and valuable.

  The Normansfield Bills

An article by local historian Ken Howe

  Without Walls

Disability and Innovation in Building Design

This exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London includes two photographs from the Langdon Down Museum.

Other images in the exhibition include original architectural drawings of the main building and boathouse by Rowland Plumbe.

Exhibition at the V&A on now until 21 October 2018. Rooms 128a & 127.

Museum Event

Family JLD in Court Dress  7-Mary-Langdon-Down

Dr John Langdon Down and Normansfield

11.00am – 12.00pm Saturday 2 June 2018

A one hour talk about the life and work of Dr John Langdon Down and his institution at Normansfield which brought a revolutionary and enlightened approach to the care of those with learning disabilities. Includes the history of Normansfield from 1868 until its closure as an NHS hospital in 1997.

Free talk. Booking not required. Donations welcome.

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