Next Museum & Theatre Open Days

10am-5pm on Saturdays:

22 June,

20 July,

24 August,

26 October,

30 November

Open House London:

12pm –5pm Sunday 22 September

New museum displays

1930s Stage Lights

Stage lights from the theatre made in the 1930s by The Strand Electric and Engineering Company. Replaced in 2018 with new lighting that is environmentally friendly and efficient. The lights are displayed in a theatre side room.

Contemporary photography on display in the new under stage galleries

Sarah Gordy in “After Vermeer” by Richard Bailey

Since 2003 Richard Bailey has been curating and photographing for an ongoing body of work called Shifting Perspectives, concerned with creating positive imagery of people with Down’s syndrome. Photography series inspired by the paintings of Johannes Vermeer.


Kayte Brimacombe exhibition One in Ten

As many as one in ten people with Down’s syndrome have the additional diagnosis of autism. Here are Kayte Brimacombe’s photographs of ten children and adults with the dual diagnosis.

Artists in Residence and the Birds of Normansfield Theatre


Outreach Learners with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities (LLDD) Art class at Normansfield Theatre

The students have been creating mixed media pieces inspired by the wild birds on the decorated door panels on either side of the Normansfield Theatre stage.

The artwork can be seen here: Birds of the Theatre

Next open day Saturday 22 June

Family JLD in Court Dress  

Talk 11am – 12.00pm: Dr John Langdon Down and Normansfield

A talk about the life and work of Dr John Langdon Down and his institution at Normansfield which brought a revolutionary and enlightened approach to the care of those with learning disabilities. Includes the history of Normansfield from 1868 until its closure as an NHS hospital in 1997.

This talk is free. Booking not required. Donations welcome.

Tour of the museum and theatre at 12.30

The archivist will give a 40 minute talk around the museum and theatre.

This tour is free. Booking not required. Donations welcome.

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