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DSA: Celebrating our 50th anniversary

In the last 50 years, people with Down’s syndrome have made amazing strides forward. That’s why we want to make 2020, the DSA’s 50th anniversary, a year of celebration. We’ll be celebrating the stories of people with Down’s syndrome who have lived, thrived and succeeded through the last 50 years. We’ll also be celebrating the role that the Down’s Syndrome Association has played, and continues to play, in radically changing the landscape for people with Down’s syndrome … in education, health, employment and awareness, and understanding in society as a whole.

Do you know someone with Down’s syndrome in their 50s or over? We want to hear their story! 

Please get in touch with us if you know a person with Down’s syndrome who is aged fifty or over.

We would like them to tell their stories or for you to share them with us… we want to know:

  • About their lives now and how they got there;
  • What they love;
  • Their achievements and the challenges they may have faced and overcome;
  • The important people in their lives; and
  • What matters to them most.

If you know someone who has got a story to tell or would simply like to talk about their life over the past 50 years or so, email and tell us a bit about them.


Local suppliers to Normansfield – 1868 to the 1930s

The recent U3A Shared Learning Project research from 2018/19 can now be seen here.

The museum archive has a large collection of bills and receipts from suppliers of goods and services to Normansfield from the late 19th to early 20th century. These documents have provided a picture of daily life in the running of a large institution.

The research covered the following: the farm, electric lighting, the laundry, musical instruments, weaving, photography and kitchen supplies.

Project 6 with the U3A will commence in September 2019.

Next open day Saturday 24 August


Tour of the museum and theatre at 12.30

The archivist will give a 60 minute talk and tour around the museum and theatre.

This talk and tour is free. Booking not required. Donations welcome.

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