Educational Visits



We offer schools and their pupils free visits to the museum and theatre.

Education visits from infant to secondary school.

Cross-curricular visit which includes the social history of learning disability, citizenship, art and design, English and drama.

For older children we include discussion activities.

Depending on the age group visits include some or all of the following:

  • talk on the history of Dr John Langdon Down, Earlswood and Normansfield
  • tour of the museum
  • tour of the Victorian theatre
  • the short film about James Henry Pullen
  • the social history of learning disability
  • discussion in small groups of issues about learning disability and general debate

All visits are led by museum staff. Museum staff will lead the session and all materials will be provided. We can also provide a list of learning objectives before the visit so that you are able to place the visit in context. If you have a particular focus you would like to explore, please let us know so that we can tailor sessions to your specific requirements.

Further and higher education

Students studying:

  • heritage
  • social care
  • learning disability nursing

Visits usually last for 2 hours and include:

  • a tour of the theatre and museum
  • an illustrated talk on the history of Dr John Lanngdon Down and Normansfield
  • short film about the life of James Henry Pullen
  • short archive films on Normansfield
  • work of the Down’s Syndrome Association
  • a short walk outside in the grounds if the weather is fine

Other Information

  • All visits need to be booked in advance with the museum.
  • Lunchroom space is available
  • The museum has full disabled access

For further details please contact the Archivist:

Ian Jones-Healey, Archivist
T: 0333 1212 300

Previous visits by universities

Texas State University group visit July 2016: It was a wonderful visit! I know that the students and faculty were delighted with the opportunity to visit with you and the visit contributed greatly to their academic experience. Stephen Burwood, Ph.D, Chief Academic Officer & Director of Programs, BCA Study Abroad, Pennsylvania, USA.

Recent college / university visits have included:

  • University of Toronto
  • Texas State University
  • St. Edward’s University Austin, Texas
  • Kingston University | 3rd year nursing students
  • Syracuse University, USA
  • Kingston College Tour | SEN Students
  • St Mary’s University, Twickenham
  • Coventry University | Learning disability students nurses
  • Richmond College

Previous visits by schools

Teddington School | Visit 12 July 2012

Key Stage 3 visit: 19 Year 9 pupils visit with a focus on prejudice from the RS curriculum. The visit included a slideshow, museum exploration, film and discussion. Caroline Waiting, Head of RS, said: “I was really impressed by the behaviour and perceptive comments from the children. They were enthralled.” 100% of pupils felt that all Year 9s in their school should have the opportunity to visit.

From the Head’s Blog, Richard Weeks:

On Thursday afternoon a year 9 class along with three members of staff visited the recently established Langdon Down museum. Ms. Waiting informs me that all three teachers accompanying the children on this visit were so proud of their excellent behaviour and the positive contributions that they made. Ian Jones Healey (i/c the museum) said they were a ‘fantastic group’ and he was really impressed by their maturity of ideas. Ms. Waiting reports that it was a thought provoking and very worthwhile visit which she hopes will be extended to other classes next year.

Hampton Wick Infants School | Visits: 7 April 2011, 11 November 2011, 5 March 2013

Our Year 2 pupils very much enjoyed visiting Normansfield earlier in the year – being invited to perform on the Victorian stage was a particular highlight for them and featured many times in the children’s end of year memories when we discussed them at the end of last term. One of our history curriculum requirements is that the children learn about local history and I think that being given the opportunity to learn about such an important landmark on their doorstep really brought the concept of “local history” to life for them!

Louise Farrow, KS1 Senior Leader/Year 1 Class Teacher

Previous school visits have included:

  • Grey Court School A Level
  • Epping Forest College BTech level 2 social care
  • Collis School Teddington | Year 2
  • Twickenham Academy
  • Purley High School
  • Sacred Heart Primary School Teddington
  • St Catherine’s School, Twickenham
  • Teddington School