1901 – 1910

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Valuation Office Survey. Valuers Field Book (NATIONAL ARCHIVES. Map Room.)

Normansfield. Extent 40 acres. 40.081

Normansfield with the following houses and land used in conjunction therewith:

Maisonette, North Villa, South Villa and Hope Villa in Kingston Road, Conifers in Kingston Road, Trematon in   Broom Road. Laundry, Farm Buildings, Land between Kingston Road and Broom Road. Plot in Holmsdale Road.   Plot and Boat House on land side of Broom Road.

Valuation  £36,000

40 acres at £350  £14,000

Difference balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber etc. £22,000

Divided as follows:

  • Buildings and structures  £21,000
  • Timber  £200
  • Market value of Fee Simple of whole in its present condition. £36,000
  • Gross Value  £36,000
  • Total Value  £36,000
  • Expense of clearing site  £22,000
  • Assesable Site Value  £14,000
  • If agricultural land, the value for agricultural purposes £44 @ 25y  8 acres £11,000

The valuation was required because the Government at the time was trying, without success to capture the value of new building work. Looking at calculators on the internet, the cost to the Langdon Downs of their property acquisitions, building works and tree planting in today’s money was circa £31,490,000.