Normansfield Farm and the Local Economy

Normansfield Farm

The farm opened in 1887. West London had many market gardens. This was a 40 acre site and gave a degree of self-sufficiency while providing occupation for the residents.

Local businesses provided:

  • Pigs
  • Dairy cattle
  • Poultry and rabbits
  • Horseshoeing
  • Fodder
  • Farm equipment

The Normansfield Herd of Middle White Pigs

  • Piggeries existed since 1877
  • J C Curtis
  • M J Rowlands
  • Prize winning herd
  • Farm auctions

M J Rowlands – Pioneer of Scientific Pig Breeding

  • Trained as a surgeon but later concentrated on farming
  • Applied his research to pig breeding
  • Advocated free range conditions and changes to nutrition
  • Wrote articles and letters for the press

Dairy Cattle

  • Dexters and Kerries
  • Poupart of Marsh Farm
  • R W Marlow
  • J Prewett

Poultry and Rabbits

  • Mrs Aron, Redroofs, Broom Road
  • E Croft, Sutton
  • Pouparts


  • Robert Martin
  • Charles Kirby
  • Thornton and Stimpson
  • London Corn and Forage Company

Blacksmiths and Farriers

  • GJ Lillywhite and Sons “roughing shoes”
  • Alfred Cable “3 plain and 1 bar”
  • TWK Clarke & Co

Farm Vehicles and Equipment

  • George Rogers
  • Edwin Smith – Wheelwright
  • Bodman and Lee
  • Alfred John Emms

  • Farm Wagon and Milk Cart
  • A Cart has 2 wheels
  • A Wagon has 4 wheels