1916 – 1944


Normansfield became a Ltd.Co. With Reginald L.D. And Helen L.D.(Percival’s widow) as directors.

By the 1930’s several houses had been built in the roads between Kingston Road and Broom Road


The farm closed because of the lack of staff.


During the Second WW. Several bombs fell in the hospital grounds damaging buildings but no injuries.

21 girls not under certificate, were transferred from Conifers which was rendered uninhabitable by enemy action.


Image with kind permission of the Richmond upon Thames Local Studies Library and Archive

(16th August) Proposed Temporary Conversion of Piggeries (Damaged by Enemy Action) into Cow Sheds For Dr R. Langdon-Down and Mrs P. Langdon-Down. Builder Normansfield Maintenance Dept. Surveyor WJE Mose, 43   Cranes Park, Surbiton. (Now under Borough of Twickenham)

During the war bombs landed in the grounds of the hospital and Conifers and Conifers Cottage are said to have been damaged.