The Five Hospitals that made up the Epsom Cluster

Manor Asylum

1899 firstly nervous and mental disorders.
1915 Manor Hospital (County of London) War Hospital. 1921 Learning disability and training.
1948 Learning and behaviour modification of adolescents. Closed 1993

Horton Asylum

1902 Horton Asylum Nervous and mental disorders. Closed 1997. Although Wolvercote Clinic (for treating paedophiles) continued to 2002 and Horton Haven continues to provide inpatient care for those with complex mental health problems and where previous placements have been unable to meet their needs.

Long Grove

1907 Long Grove nervous and mental disorders.  Closed 1992, and was replaced by a smaller unit at Tolworth Hospital.

St Ebba

1903 St Ebba firstly the Ewell Epileptic colony then later known as St Ebba’s.
1918 – 1927 War Hospital & treatment Centre for ex-servicemen suffering from neurasthenia (combination of physical and psychological symptoms caused by post-traumatic stress).
1927 For voluntary patients who required short term treatment – under 2 years.
1949 adolescents with learning difficulties.
1962 use changed from psychiatric hospital to that for mentally subnormal patients.
2008 therapy suite opened. Site redeveloped as at 2011.

West Park

1923 opened not as an asylum but as a ‘Mental Hospital’ for nervous and mental disorders. Part is now the New Epsom & Ewell Cottage Hospital. Rest of site largely closed and derelict by 2003. A magnet for ‘urban explorers’  who explore and exchange photos and information on derelict buildings. Some buildings have been converted into apartments and some new housing. Area renamed as Noble Park.