1894 – 1897



1894 to 1896

OS Map. The entrance to Conifers is still in the Kingston Road and no direct path in the grounds is shown from Normansfield to Conifers.




Name “Eastcote” changed to Trematon


Drainage from the Trematon, laundry and farm were connected to the public sewer.

The name of Eastcote is changed to Trematon.


Normansfield and the Villas were connected to the sewer.

Death of John Langdon Down. The management of the hospital was taken over by his wife Mary who had been made a legal partner 2 years earlier. His son Reginald took over as Medical Superintendent.

The capital expenditure developing the estate exclusive of capital expenditure on land, between 1868 – 1896 was £62,420.(£6,930,000)


The front main centre of Normansfield had to be ‘partly rebuilt because of dry rot’. There were 9 houses on the north side of Holmesdale Road.

By now the Langdon Downs had completed their facility and building works revolved around normal repairs and maintenance. The incident of Dry Rot suggested that the buildings they had bought may not always have been built to the best standard.