1881- 1890

During this period there was further construction in the grounds. This shows Langdon-Down’s ethos to provide practical training and remedial education in humane surroundings. Education, occupational therapy, therapeutic work on the farm and in the kitchen garden and daily exercise in the hospital grounds were provided for the patients.


Purchase of Haramby House (later called Trematon) partially built in 1863/64 on Broom Road which had been occupied by George Crabbe and family.

by Langdon Down and  in 1883 5 patients were living there.

1883  Construction of laundry

Skaters on the river

1884  Construction of boathouse/summerhouse Still standing and Grade 2*

building Workshops


Construction of workshops. Including: Bricklayers, carpenters, joiners, painters, plumbers and upholsterers.


Construction of drill hall




Haramby House was re named Eastcote in 1890.