1964 – 1976


Two new 30 bedded wards and a block of staff flats. Haydon House was built as a Residential Block  (John Langdon-Down’s name had been John Langdon Haydon Down)


Two new wards and a block of staff flats.


Two new wards and an apartment block for staff accommodation were built. Staff then ceased to sleep in the same rooms as their patients.


(Electoral Register) Haydon House is listed with 2 of the former Villas (Hope Villa and South Villa), and it is thought that Hope Villa and North Villa may have been demolished for the new building.

The hospital had 227 beds and 100 full-time carers.

Dr Norman Langdon Down retired, bringing to an end the family connection with Normansfield.  He was replaced by a consultant psychiatrist, Dr Terence Lawlor.


By the Friends, school shop, clubroom and hydrotherapy pool.


Responsibility for education of children resident in the hospital was transferred to London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (LBRUT). Some children attended local special schools. LBRUT took over the schooling of the children at Normansfield.


The terrace of 6 houses no. 243-253 Kingston Road were built and the remaining villas were presumably demolished


Kingston and Richmond Area Health Authority took responsibility, with each borough having its own health district.   This was when community services were integrated with NHS services.


The Normansfield Education Unit now run by the local Education Authority was transferred to Trematon.

Following a reorganisation of the NHS, Normansfield came under the control of the Kingston and Richmond Area Health Authority, part of the South West Thames Regional Health Authority. By this time it had become a ‘problem hospital’.