BBC3 Things People With Down’s Syndrome Are Tired of Hearing

The Cabinet of Curiousity: Transitions Art Group

Watch the Transitions Art Group Cabinets of Curiosity project which initially took inspiration from artworks and objects in the Normansfield Theatre and Langdon Down Museum back in September 2015.

Ely hospital remembered

Channel 4 News. 25 March 2016. Harrowing tales of cruelty and abuse at the city’s Ely hospital were uncovered after an investigation in 1969. Now those who lived and worked there are finally getting their stories heard,

No Longer Shut Up: Finding Mabel Cooper’s Voice

The film documents the extraordinary life of Mabel Cooper, a one time patient of long stay hospital, St Lawrence’s, Kent for 20 years. Upon her release Mabel became the chair of People First and an ardent campaigner for the closure of long-stay hospitals for the rest of her life. Using a contemporary fictional drama of a young man with a learning disability, Robin who goes in search of Mabel’s life where he delves into interviews with old friends, archive film footage and even her original files from her time in the hospital. Robin contemplates his own rights and barriers and questions whether Mabel’s campaigning legacy still requires further work. Commissioned by the estate of the late Mabel Cooper to educate young people about the history of institutionalisation and the continued recognition of equality of opportunity for learning disabled people. The film is part of a multi platform theatre and digital platform called ‘Madhouse re: exit’ produced by Advocreate and Access all Areas in partnership with the Open University Social history of learning disability and University of East London Rix Centre new ‘Living Archive’ digital resource.

Present in My Past from Purple Patch Arts 

A brand new animation which brings to life the social history of people with learning disabilities and how they have been treated by society. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and developed in partnership with staff at The University of Leeds.

Silent Minority

Aired on British television in June 1981. The documentary was filmed at Borocourt Hospital, Reading, Berks and St Lawrences Hospital Caterham, Surrey.

Langdon Down, The Legacy (2015)

Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) film. A short film about the extraordinary Victorian building in London which is home to DSA UK.  Built by Dr John Langdon Down in 1868 as a place where people with learning disabilities could be cared for and educated, it is widely regarded as the ‘spiritual home’ of Down’s syndrome.

Re-framing disability: portraits from the Royal College of Physicians
The RCP is hosting a free exhibition exploring historical portraits of disabled people held within our collections, taking place from 14 February to 8 July 2011. This film features 27 disabled participants from across the UK who came together to discuss the historical portraits and their own identities and lives.