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Getting the world excited about medicine

The museum will be open 11am to 1pm Sunday 12 May 2019. The talk and tour will take place between 11.15am to 12.45pm.

Booking required.

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Through a series of city based festivals MED aims to celebrate the best of what medicine offers, provide a platform to educate and share ideas, and to inspire people about future innovations in healthcare.

Join this talk and tour about Dr John Langdon Down and his successors who managed Normansfield from 1868 where a revolutionary and enlightened approach was brought to the care of those with learning disabilities.

Although Normansfield was a private special education and training institution until 1951, it then became an NHS hospital which closed in 1997. While forward thinking doctors and social reformers helped set up some of the first institutions in the 19th century, controversial issues around restraint and seclusion are still being debated. Major issues in the social history of learning disability have included the quality of care in long-stay hospital institutions and how people find places of belonging today.

The talk will be followed by archive film of Normansfield hospital and a tour of the building which includes the museum and the theatre.

Holocaust Memorial Day Event

Aktion T4: A documentary film

Sunday 27 January 2019 | Museum open 2pm – 4pm

Film showing at 2.30pm

The Aktion T4 Nazi Euthanasia programme was responsible for the murder of approximately 275,000 people with learning disabilities.

In this 30 minute documentary film, Berge Kanikanian who has Down’s syndrome, travels to Poland and Germany to visit the sites of euthanasia centres and speaks to researchers and historians.

Please note this film is not suitable for anyone under 16 years of age.

This event is free. Booking not required.