Octagon Club

Boat inspired by James Henry Pullen

By Octagon Club and Mary Herbert

P1010294 2
Boat at the Langdon Down Museum

Octagon Club is an afterschool club for young people aged 11-18 with additional needs that meets at Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham every Tuesday in term time. The group is run in partnership between the gallery, Crofters and Three Wings Trust. The group are given the opportunity to work with professional artists on visual art projects.

Octagon Club Project
Boat at the Octagon Club

Boat was made during September and October 2012. Ian Jones-Healey from the Langdon Down Museum came and met the group and showed them images of the boats made by James Henry Pullen. Mary Herbert is an artist educator who works in a freelance capacity at Orleans House Gallery and she worked with the group over three weeks to complete the project. The group worked collaboratively on the large boat, covering the hull with papier-mache, before painting it and making the sails. Whilst this happened the group also made individual boat models, as well as drawings.

Boats 1
Small boats made by the Octagon Club

Octagon Club are: Sean, Jasmine, Zoe, Kieron, Cecilia, Sebastian, Hannah, Daniel, Larry, Sophie and Luke.

Octagon Club staff that supported this project: Giusi, Lyn, Gabby, Morgan, Anna, Lois, Neil, Hazel, Siobhan and Ariane.

It you would like more information about Octagon Club or have a young person you would like to refer, please contact Dawn on artseducation@richmond.gov.uk or call 020 8831 6000.