A Timeline of Normansfield and World Events

19th Century
Copy of Family John Langdon Down
1828 John Langdon Down born at Torpoint in Cornwall
1835 James Henry Pullen born
1837 Victoria becomes Queen
1846 John Langdon Down begins medical training
1848 The Royal Earlswood Asylum founded
1858 Dr John Langdon Down appointed to Earlswood as Medical Superintendant
1859 Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species published
Family book
1860 John marries Mary Crellin
1862—65 John photographed residents using glass plates
1865 The White House built, later to become part of the main Normansfield building
1866 Ethnic Classification of Idiots (London Hospital Reports) published / John Langdon Down described the syndrome called Mongolism
1868 John and Mary move to the White House and Normansfield opens
Mary Arnott age 19 years
1869 19 residents living at Normansfield / Visit from the Commissioners in Lunacy
1877 Farm buildings built
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1879 Formal opening of the Entertainment Hall by the Earl of Devon
1883 Laundry built
Boat House
1884 Dr Langdon Down appointed JP Middlesex. Boathouse built
building Workshops
1885 New workshops complete
1887 John Langdon Down’s Mental Afflictions of Childhood and Youth (Lettsomian Lecture) published
1889 Dr Langdon Down appointed Alderman of Middlesex
1891 The Genesta Amateur Dramatic Club founded and performed regularly in the Entertainment Hall
1892 Clock Tower wing and conservatory finished
JLD hosting the BMA's visit to Normansfield 1895
1895 British Medical Association visit Normansfield
1896 Dr John Langdon Down dies
20th Century
1900 Mary Langdon Down dies / 168 residents living at Normansfield
1901 Queen Victoria dies and succeeded by Edward VII11
Hand - Low grade at 19
1909 Reginald exhibits handprints of people with Down’s syndrome
1910 Garden Party for the women’s suffrage movement
1913 Mental Deficiency Act 1913 Categorises people with Learning Disabilities
1914-18 First World War
1916 James Henry Pullen dies
1925 Percival Langdon Down dies
1927 Mental Deficiency Act emphasised need for care outside institutions
1939 – 45 Second World War
1940 Stella Brain (John Langdon Down’s granddaughter) and her family return
1939 – 45 Nazi Euthanasia programme kills over 200,000 people with disabilities
1946 National Association of Parents of Backward Children formed. From 1969 called Mencap
1948 NHS founded
1951 Normansfield becomes an NHS Hospital
1953 DNA structure described by Crick and Watson
1955 Reginald Langdon Down dies
1959 Mental Health Act distinguished between learning disability and mental health
1965 Mongolism  changed by World Health Organisation (WHO) to Down’s syndrome
1970 Norman Langdon Down retires / Langdon Down family’s involvement in Normansfield ends / Down’s Syndrome Association founded / Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act – first act in the world to give rights to people with disabilities
1976 Unacceptable conditions in the hospital cause the nurses to stage the first strike in NHS history
1977 Committee of Inquiry into Normansfield beings under the chairmanship of Michael Sherrard QC
1978 The Committee of Inquiry report published in November
1986 Disabled Persons Act required written assessments of people with disability
1990 NHS and Community Care Act 1990 promoted care in the community
1993 Normansfield becomes part of the Richmond and Roehampton Healthcare NHS Trust
1995 Disability Discrimination Act gives rights to disabled people to prevent discrimination in employment, property, education and transport
1997 Normansfield Hospital closes / Earlswood Hospital closes
21st Century
2001 Government published its ‘Valuing People’ white paper
2003-05 Developer Laing Homes spends £1.4m to restore and reopen the theatre wing
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2004 Down’s Syndrome Association moves from Tooting to Normansfield
2005 Government publishes ‘Improving the life chances of disabled people’ / Mental Capacity Act creates a framework to empower and protect those with learning disability
2008 UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities effective
2009 Government publishes ‘Valuing People Now’ which is a programme of improving services for those with learning disability in the 21st century / UK ratifies
2011 Earlswood Museum donates its collection including objects by James Henry Pullen to the museum
Building December 2013 1
2012 Langdon Down Museum opens