Normansfield Hospital Oral History Project

Normansfield Hospital Oral History Project

Did you live, work or know someone at Normansfield Hospital? If so we need your help.

The oral history project gathers personal recollections, stories and opinions of those with a connection to Normansfield Hospital.

If you lived, worked or had a relative at Normansfield we would like to hear from you. Your involvement would make a valuable contribution to this project and the local history of Teddington and Hampton Wick.

How to take part

You can take part in several ways:

1. If you were willing to be interviewed we would arrange a time to do this here. This may involve filming the interview or audio recording.


2. If you could write a few paragraphs and email this to us we could then share your experiences through our blog.

Any photographs or memorabilia would be very useful to illustrate the story.

See our Normansfield Hospital Oral History Blog

What we will do with the material

At the end of the project we plan to make this material available in a book, a public exhibition and short documentary film. These materials will also be accessible on our website.

Please contact the Archivist to discuss any of the above.
Ian Jones-Healey, Archivist
T: 0333 1212 300

The museum is a member of the Oral History Society. See British Library Oral History


Oral History Projects

Lennox Castle Stories is an online collection of memories and stories, told by the ex-residents and hospital staff of Lennox Castle Hospital in the form of creative images, videos and text.

Longcare Survivors: Biography of a Care Scandal is John Pring’s book investigating the horrific abuse of adults with learning difficulties that took place at two residential homes in south Buckinghamshire.

No Going Back - Forgotten Voices from Prudhoe Hospital. Facebook page for people to add their stories, memories and photographs of life in Prudhoe Hospital. Prudhoe Hospital opened in 1914 and over the years was home for 1500 people with a learning disability from all over the North East of England. The hospital also emplyed many people from Prudhoe and beyond. Skills for People were give some funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to collect people's stories of life in Prudhoe. These have been published in a book called 'No Going Back - Forgotten Voices from Prudhoe Hospital' and is available to buy from The Centre for Welfare Reform

Winterbourne View Hospital. The South Gloucestershire website which includes a download of the Serious Case Review and other documents.

Craig-y-Nos Castle. The book" The Children of Craig-y-nos", tracing forty years of lost history of this childrens sanatorium in the Swansea valley. See the blog.

The Social History of Learning Disability Research Group. A group of people at the Open University who are researching the history of learning disability through research, conferences and recording life stories.

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